Advorsa is an American death metal band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2013. The band currently consists of guitarist Alan Russell, vocalist Angelo Hakey, guitarist David Krouwer, drummer Hector Huizar, and bassist James Lenten.  While they possess a strong death metal foundation, they are an amalgamation of all things heavy.  They strive to make each song unique and tell its own story.  Some of the subject matter of their songs includes The Evil Dead, H.P. Lovecraft,  Greek Mythology, and other horrific themes.

Live Streams & Videos


Blood Moon - 4 Track EP, released 07/30/2023

Amalgamation of Horrors - 4 Track EP, released 11/12/2020

Corruptor of Dead Flesh - Album, released 11/28/2018

Advorsa - Album, released 07/22/2017

Past Performances

Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL - Cradle of Filth Show - 10/16/2021

The Wire, Berwyn, IL - Aether Realm & Wilderun - 02/27/2019


Supported Acts

Cradle of Filth | Psychostick | URIZEN | Reign | Pig Champion | Nequient |Aether Realm | Wilderun | Svncrvsher | Terranaut | Trip 6 | Air Raid | South Arsenal | Inner Decay | Skeletal Prison | Qualia | Burned In Effigy | Bind the Sacrifice | Bloodletter | Vicious Attack | Erzulie | Beyond Deth | Matianak | Sinister Fate | Orinoco | Her Worst Nightmare | Everything Must Die

For booking and other inquires, Message us on FaceBook or email us at advorsa@outlook.com

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